Vaginal Weightlifting..

We're here to answer the most asked questions by you about Kegels.

1. Are Kegels really beneficial? 

Doing Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This can help you manage or prevent physical problems such as incontinence. Incontinence is leakage of urine (pee) or stool (poop) that you can’t control.

Kegel exercises can also help improve your sexual health and pleasure by:

  • Relaxing your vaginal muscles, which lets your vagina be more open. This is helpful if you have pain during sexual intercourse, pelvic exams, or both.
  • Improving blood circulation to your vagina and pelvic floor. This can help increase sexual arousal.
  • Making it easier for you to reach orgasm.
  • Increasing vaginal lubrication (wetness)

2. Will Kegels make me tighter?

Yes! Your vagina is a muscle! When we do Kegels we are tightening, toning, and strengthening that muscle! Think of Kegels as vaginal weightlifting - essentially that's what you're doing. Start light!

3. Where should I start?

Body & Soul Entice - Purple is a great place to start. These standard beads are light and a perfect product for beginners because they feature the easiest retrieval out of most beads on the market. 

4. I'm more experienced in Kegels, what's good for me? 

Lelo Luna Beads are a little more advanced kegel beads as they vary in weight. Some are heavier than others. Each set of pleasure beads comes with four interchangeable beads, with two different weights for variable sensations. 

5. I gave birth, what's a good set for me?

Lelo Luna Smart Bead - This product has touch-sensors that respond to your every squeeze. The LUNA Smart Bead measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that's right for you. These beads are a bit more proactive so that you will get the desired effect ASAP!

As you begin your kegel journey or advance in your journey, remember that any muscle takes time to reach the desired effect. Stay consistent with it!



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