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Cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Cock and Ass – Warming and Vibrating

$379.00 $250.00 Discount : 34%

CyberSkin with Virtual Touch technology. Dual Density combines the feel of soft skin over an erect inner shaft. Self-heating design warms in 10 minutes. Top of the line technology and texture combine to make this cock and ass feel amazingly real. Multi-speed bullet provides varying speeds of intense vibration. Self-heating design brings him to a life-like temperature in just 10 minutes. EZ Bend design lets you move his 7-inch Cyber Cock right where you need it. 9.5 lb. CyberSkin covered IsoFoam core makes him light and easy to maneuver but still heavy enough to feel real. Ladies take charge and ride him on top his hips feel like the real thing as they roll under you or lay back and take it missionary style. Gents ride him doggy style or sit him on your lap his three dimensional construction makes him feel just like the real thing . 2-inch girth realistic squeezable balls and painted detail simulate a real man perfectly. His tight ass and ribbed canal cavity feel unbelievably real. Fondle his hand painted cock and squeeze his soft ass cheeks as you have your way with him. His Dual Density inner thighs and balls feel like the real thing as you slam against them over and over.